Plan International Finland’s Girl Award

We will recognise an advocate for girls’ rights with an award

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Kuvituskuva: erilaisia tyttöjä ja naisia.

This year for the first time, we will recognise a major advocate of girls’ rights by awarding Plan International Finland’s Girl Award. The purpose of the award is to highlight people and communities that promote gender equality.

The nomination period for candidates runs from 15 April to 31 August 2024.

We will announce the winner of Plan International Finland’s Girl Award on the same week as The International Day of the Girl in October.

Anyone can nominate individuals, groups, or organisations that are making significant contributions to advancing girls’ rights in Finland for the award. Nominations are open from 15 April to 31 August 2024.

The activities may include prevention of gender-based violence, abuse, and female genital mutilation, or promoting diversity in education and working life. They can also enhance the voice and inclusion of underrepresented groups in our society, such as transgender and disabled girls. The work may focus solely on Finland or have an international impact. Respect for human rights, non-discrimination and gender equality are the core values of Plan International Finland, which the nominees for the award must share.


Girl Award Rules

Plan International Finland’s Girl Award was established in January 2024. The award will be presented annually during the UN’s International Day of the Girl in October. 

The purpose of Plan International Finland’s Girl Award is to highlight persons, groups or organisations operating in Finland that are engaged in significant work to promote girls’ rights and gender equality.  The work should aim to end human rights abuses that target girls and ensure that girls in all their diversity are guaranteed the right to protection and freedom of choice. 

With the award, Plan International Finland aims to combat gender-based discrimination and promote gender equality. 

The presentation of Plan International Finland’s Girl Award will include an event to celebrate the efforts of the winner and finalists for girls’ rights, as well as an honorary certificate and a prize statue. Plan International Finland will present the award at an event to which it will invite society’s influencers, decision-makers, and Plan International Finland’s supporters and associates. 

Nominees will be evaluated by a jury representing diverse sectors of society, appointed by Plan International Finland. However, Plan International Finland will not participate in the jury’s deliberations.

The jury must include at least one member who is on the Board of Directors of Plan International Finland or has in-depth knowledge of its work. Other members will be selected based on their contributions to gender equality and human rights. The jury will consist of former and new members, ensuring a broad   representation of age, gender, ethnicity and professional backgrounds.

Plan International Finland’s Girl Award can be awarded to a person, group or organisation operating in Finland that has significantly promoted girls’ rights and gender equality or made efforts to end violence, abuse and discrimination against girls in particular, either in Finland alone or in Finland and also abroad. Candidates of all genders are eligible. 

Plan International Finland refers to girls in all their diversity, and action to promote inclusion and anti-racism is considered an advantage. The recipient of the award can be working to improve, for example, the position of transgender or disabled girls or girls belonging to other minorities. This may also include peer to peer work or activity.  

The winner of the Plan International Finland’s Girl Award must share Plan International Finland’s goal of gender equality and equal rights for all people, regardless of gender or background. Candidates who disagree with Plan International Finland’s values and objectives may be removed from the list of candidates. 

The nomination of candidates is open from 15 April to 31 August 2024. The nomination can be submitted in Finnish, Swedish, Sámi and English. 

At the end of August, the jury will receive a summary of all the candidates. Plan International Finland’s management will approve the list of candidates before forwarding it to the jury. The summary must include information on all candidates and further details on the five finalists selected by Plan International Finland. The jury will independently select the winner.  

Plan International Finland will organise all the practical tasks, including the nomination of candidates, the appointment of the jury, and facilitation of their activities. Additionally, Plan International Finland will organise the celebration event where the winner of the Girl Award will be announced. All associated costs will be covered by Plan International Finland. 

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