Plan FINLAND in a nutshell


Plan is an international development organisation promoting children’s rights. Plan has been operating in Finland since 1998. Plan International was founded in 1937.

Plan Finland is the largest child sponsorship organisation in Finland. Plan has no religious or political affiliations. Tens of thousands of Finns support our work and share our mission to remove poverty and fulfill children's rights across the globe. Our vision is a world where human rights are respected and children realise their full potential as members of society. In addition to development projects and child sponsorship in developing countries, we also work on a national level in Finland, focus on corporate partnerships, advocacy work and communication. We not only listen to children but ask them to actively participate in our work and make decisions for themselves.

Plan receives funding from individual donors, corporate partners, The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the EU and the UN. Through Plan, your help is delivered quickly and reliably. Plan International works in 69 countries and runs development programs in 50 countries. There are fundraising national offices in 22 countries, Finland being one of them.

The immediate goal of Plan’s work is to fulfil children’s rights throughout the world. We want a world where human rights are respected and children can live up to their potential as full members of society.

The following values guide our work:

  • We work ethically
  • We work responsibly
  • We create conditions for empowerment
  • We respect human dignity
  • We value partnerships
  • We strive for continuous learning


Seven value principles guide Plan’s work. They are:

  • Human rights and dignity
  • Teamwork and communities
  • Effectiveness
  • Entrepreneurship/Proprietary rights
  • Removing poverty
  • Integrity and transparency
  • Focusing


Please visit our Plan International website for more information on Plan's international work.