Artikkelit, 2.2.2024

”Companies can be a positive force in our society” 

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Corporate donors and partners are crucial to Plan’s work to promote children’s rights and equality. VisitEDUfinn, operating in the field of education, has supported Plan’s work for several years.

”Education is a common theme close to the heart for our company and Plan. We strongly believe that education can influence social development and especially the future of children and young people,” says VisitEDUfinn CEO Riku Korosuo.

VisitEDUfinn shares Finnish education best practices, helping global professionals understand Finnish education system. The company has also supported education as a Plan supporter. Plan’s operations have already become familiar to Korosuo through long-term child sponsorship.

The idea of ​​the importance of corporate responsibility started when VisitEDUfinn was awarded as a sustainable tourism operator.

”In 2021, we received the Sustainable Travel Finland label as the first Finnish educational tourism operator. This was an important achievement for us and this motivated us to evaluate our company’s effects in society more comprehensively,” says Korosuo.

The elements of social responsibility were taken into consideration in the company, and as a result a decision was made to donate 0.7% of turnover to charity.

”We want to act as an example and show that a company can be both financially and socially responsible,” says Korosuo.

Sustainability can be promoted in many ways

Companies can implement sustainability in many ways. In addition to charity, VisitEDUfinn also wants to pay attention to the environmental impact of its own operations. The company has been looking for different ways to reduce operational emissions and compensate for them.

VisitEDUfinn believes that businesses can be a positive force in our society.

”Sustainability is not just one area for us but is integrated into all of our company’s operations. We are proud to be able to cooperate with a respected organisation like Plan and be part of the change that takes the world towards a more sustainable and fairer future,” says Riku Korosuo.

Companies support equality and future opportunities

In collaboration with corporate partners and other benefactors, Plan International works to enhance equality, reduce poverty, and improve the lives of children. A key focus of Plan’s corporate partnerships is to empower girls by providing them with educational opportunities, thereby enabling them to shape their own futures. Companies frequently choose significant occasions such as Christmas, International Day of the Girl, and International Women’s Day to make their contributions. Additionally, a significant number of businesses prioritise contributing to humanitarian efforts, often opting to support emergency aid initiatives to provide immediate assistance in times of crisis.

Plan encourages companies to communicate their donations and other acts of sustainability. VisitEDUfinn also wants to actively communicate its responsibility work in different channels.

”Our website has a section where we talk about our sustainability strategy and measures. In addition, we send regular newsletters and do social media updates where we talk about donating, sustainable development and our other sustainability actions,” says Riku Korosuo.

Plan International Finland welcomes diverse forms of collaboration with companies, ranging from individual donations to long-term partnerships, and we are happy to explore with you how your company can join us in making a meaningful impact.


Plan International is an independent development and humanitarian organisation that advances children’s rights and equality for girls. We strive for a just world, working together with children, young people, our supporters and partners.

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