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Girls Takeover

Girls around the world will step into the shoes of political, social and financial leaders for one day on the UN’s International Day of the Girl, 11 October 2018. Through the campaign, the children’s rights organisation Plan International draws attention to the position and rights of girls and encourages people to take action for girls.

Why is Girls Takeover organised?

Our goal is to draw an unparalleled amount of attention globally to the rights of girls. The takeover is a symbolic gesture that highlights the girls’ opportunities and, on the other hand, discrimination against girls, but the girls will also get a chance to exert true and significant influence. Plan International strives for a just world in which girls are valued and their rights are realised. With the global Girls Takeover campaign, we will change the perceptions of  what is possible for girls while emphasising the significance of joining forces in the promotion of equality.

Which Finnish actors participate in Girls Takeover?

With this year’s Girls Takeover, we want to draw attention to how Finland and Finnish companies can contribute to the promotion of girls’ rights and gender equality around the world. That is why we have chosen institutions and companies that have an impact internationally as well to take part in this year’s Girls Takeover. The following actors are taking part in this year’s campaign: The Chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Parliament Matti Vanhanen, Member of the European Parliament Nils Torvalds, the Senior Editor-in-Chief of Helsingin Sanomat Kaius Niemi, the President and CEO of Kesko Corporation Mikko Helander, the CEO of KONE Henrik Ehrnrooth, the Nordic and Finland Country Managing Director of Accenture Frank Korsström and the co-founder of Tubecon Risto Kuulasmaa. Plan International’s young Ugandan activist Scovia Alinza will take over the position of the Minister for Foreign Trade and Development Anne-Mari Virolainen.

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